Our own design and
a hallmark of quality

We have created our own brand image to launch a line of exclusive products which can only be purchased at our establishment. Based on the legends and tradition of our natural heritage we have developed a brand with a fresh, modern image which nicely identifies with the core values of our business. A new craft beer, cheeses, chocolates and other products are all exclusively made for us by local artisan producers.


Here is where you can enjoy our local produce in sumptuous dishes, lovingly prepared with the knowledge and experience of traditional, 0KM, mountain cuisine.
Our set menu is made up of meat from livestock reared in the immediate surroundings on our family holdings, vegetables from our gardens and a great variety of quality products. Our small “Suggestions menu” offers some old favourites which are served all day.


Next to the restaurant you’ll find our shop area where you can buy any of the local products we use and supply. There are more than 40 local wines, excellent cow’s and goat’s cheese and a good selection of marmalades and jams.
Most of these products are used in the dishes on our menus, which means you can try them in the restaurant before buying them.

We support 0 KM and local produce
as much in the creation of our menus as
in the stocking of our shop next to the bar.


Discover our corner of the world, our exclusive products and our dramatic settings through these stunning photos. We hope they’ll inspire you to come up and see us!


You can get in touch with us with any queries you have through one of the contact references on the website. We’ll be happy to help you!