La subsitencia de un pueblo, de un estilo de vida ancestral que perdura en el tiempo. Luchamos con amor por mantener nuestra esencia y renovar los conocimientos.

Through generations… a love of the land.

Our family comes from a mountain tradition whose fundamental goal has always been to work the land whilst protecting and respecting nature from one generation to the next.

Having our own livestock, we have always reared our animals
out in the open on our best pastures.

This combination of our heritage, our experience, our families’ culinary skill in traditional cuisine (with quality local produce) and the knowledge of our younger generations has enabled us to make our dream come true. The result is a spectacular relaxing space designed to be enjoyed, and the opportunity for us to be able to continue living here and do what we love most.


Discover our corner of the world, our exclusive products and our dramatic settings through these stunning photos. We hope they’ll inspire you to come up and see us!


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